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Mandrake 9.1 Cooker

From: Tom Reader <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 18:19:36 +0000

libcurl version: 7.10.3 (my program is statically linked to libcurl)
platform: Mandrake 9.1 RC1 "Cooker"

My simple libcurl application (which is running successfully on several
different flavours of Linux) seems to have a problem running on Mandrake
9.1 RC1 "Cooker".

Specifically, I get the following error:

Error occurs at elf_machine_rel.0
Called from elf_dynamic_do_rel.7
Called from _dl_relocate_object
Called from dl_open_worker
Called from _dl_catch_error
Called from _dl_open
Called from do_dlopen
Called from _dl_catch_error
Called from __libc_dlopen
Called from __nss_lookup_function
Called from __nss_lookup
Called from __nss_hosts_lookup
Called from gethostbyname2_r
Called from gaih_inet
Called from getaddrinfo
Called from Curl_getaddrinfo
Called from Curl_resolv
Called from CreateConnection
Called from Curl_connect
Called from Curl_perform
Called from curl_easy_perform
Called from GETURL
<snip - the higher part of the function trace>

The program them segment faults. If necessary, I will reduce my program to
a simplest-possible case, to replicate the problem and report
here. However, given that the same executable works on other Linux
distributions, I thought I'd check first whether this is a 'known problem'
with Mandrake 9.1 RC1 Cooker.

I should add that the Mandrake system is not mine, and I know little about
it apart from what I have just read. For example, their web site states
"Cooker is an experimental distribution, it's not for daily use!" -
however, if there is a problem doing simple cURL operations on it, I guess
someone is going to want to know?

In this message: a
similar problem was mentioned, yet I assume this patch is built into my
version of libcurl (it seems to be, looking at the code).

Can anyone comment on this, before I create a simple program to reproduce
this problem?


Tom Reader

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