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Re: asynch name resolves

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 15:36:28 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003 wrote:

(CC'ing this to Greg Hudson for information, as we're discussing using his
ares library for asynchronous name resolves within libcurl.)

> It would also be interesting to see if the original author would like to be
> involved in Curl...

He's been informed now at least! ;-)

> Ares seems to support the gethostbyname interface. I believe it uses
> /etc/resolv.conf to find name servers (and implements the proper search) and
> it uses /etc/hosts for local names. The windows port should be doing
> roughly the equivalent steps by getting the name server information out of
> the registry and using the c:\windows\system\hosts (or whatever it's called
> file).

It seems it does pretty much everything we need then, with the lack of IPv6
lookups as an exception. But I don't mind proceeding with adding support for
asynchrous lookups first for IPv4 addresses, and when we get that working we
can proceed and make ares grok IPv6 as well.

Of course, if someone else would make IPv6 work independently of my work on
getting libcurl to use ares, I'm fine with that too! ;-)

> > I'll appreciate all help, patches and things you can provide!
> I've put two files up on our web server:
> The first file is a patch against the official 1.1.1 version and the second
> contains the patched version (builds on both windows and unix platforms).
> It was actually who worked on the windows version of ares
> and if you have any (off-list) questions, you can email him directly.

Neat. I've downloaded and built this ares-1.1.1-win32 package on my Linux box
and I've written a few example apps using it. It just works! ;-)

I'll also need to concentrate a bit to get the upcoming curl 7.10.6 release
out the door properly, so this work will be done a little "on the side". I
mean, apart from all my regular real-world work of course.

 Daniel Stenberg -- curl: been grokking URLs since 1998
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Received on 2003-07-23