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From: Joerg Mueller-Tolk <>
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 12:49:04 +0200

Hi all

As far as I am aware of, you can specify a password with the password
callback during curl_easy_perfom() if one is needed.
But the username has to be set before by a call to curl_easy_setopt().
In case of a HTTP operation, I might not know whether some (proxy)
authentification is need and do not want to ask the user for its name
(and domain) needlessly.
Up to now, I wait for a HTTP 407 or "Proxy requires authentification"
error, ask the user for both name and password and do a start over.

What do you think of a new option CURLOPT_AUTHFUNCTION with a callback
similar to

int my_auth(
    void *client,
    char *prompt,
    char *domain_user_passwd_buffer,
    int domain_user_passwd_buflen);

The callback could be called if no CURLOPT_PASSWDFUNCTION is specified
and data is needed.
The format of domain_user_passwd_buffer could be "domain\\user:passwd"
or just "user:passwd".

Joerg M-T

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Received on 2003-08-04