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Re: Asynch DNS in Curl

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 13:21:03 +0200 (CEST)

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, codemastr wrote:

> Hi, I was just looking through the new curl with asynch dns and I came
> across your win32 patch for ares. It states:


> I spent many hours trying to figure out exactly how to 100% get this
> information (MS doesn't provide the world's greatest documentation on the
> registry) so rather than have you guys spend the same time doing it,
> is what I used to get the nameserver
> from the NT/2k/XP registry. I hope that helps somewhat :)

Would you be able to create and submit a patch for "our" version of ares that
fixes this problem?

> Also about IPv6 in the ares stuff, I don't know how helpful this would be,
> but there is a version of adns that supports IPv6, and also a resolver
> called firedns that has IPv6 support, perhaps taking a look at that would
> give you some ideas on how to add IPv6 support to ares?

ADNS was dismissed (by me) as an asynch DNS alternative only due to its
license. I've been struggling hard to keep curl and libcurl clean from GPL,
and I firmly believe that many of the libcurl users approve of this mission,
as libcurl is nowadays being used in many closed-source applications all over.
I'd hate to offer asynch DNS only to those who are willing to go the GPL route
of life.

Regarding FireDNS, I liked it so much after initially having checked it out I
actually mailed the author and asked him about the possibility of it being
relicensed to a MIT/BSD style one. I don't think I've ever been flamed more
badly over email ever before, and I don't expect to ever get such offensive
and threatening emails from anyone again in the future... I took that as a no.

So, while I'd be open to allow other libraries to be used instead of ares for
asynch DNS, I will remain wanting a working MIT/BSD library as well. No one
has volounteered to help me add support for any of those libraries yet, and I
don't expect it to happen. I'll personally remain working with ares, for
license reasons.

 Daniel Stenberg -- curl: been grokking URLs since 1998
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