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Re: how libcurl receives chunked data from http server?

From: Jerry G. Chiuan <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 12:10:04 -0700

> Just out of curiousity, wouldn't the transmission of "huge image data"
> a network (an assumption by me since you're using libcurl in the first
> place) connection make the time it takes to copy the data once into a
> contiguous memory area pale in comparison? The example provided does keep
> the data in memory, no files. It just happens to reallocate to make the
> grow as necessary. Making the growth optimized for a particular
> is an implementation-specific detail (not inside libcurl, inside your
> application).

It depends on whether you think it is *specific* or not
If a lot of applications using libcurl needed this feature, it is not
specific anymore
software is very flexible : )

- Jerry

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Received on 2003-09-23