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ftp.c bug?

From: Turner, Jon <>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 14:53:48 +0100

When re-using a curl session after a failed ftp request (say invalid
permissions to access directory) a request which would normally succeed

Example requests:

ftp://someftp/two Listing ok
ftp://someftp/one Listing ok
ftp://someftp/one/two Denied, response is correctly a failure.
ftp://someftp/two Denied, can't cd to two/two

Looks like freedirs() is not being called after the failure.

If I change Curl_ftp() to do a freedirs() if ftp_perform() != CURLE_OK then
I got what I would expect, a correct listing again.


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Received on 2003-10-04