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Re: Problem using libcurl with Visual Studio

From: Dylan Ellicott <>
Date: 20 Oct 2003 13:31:52 -0400


We have a similar problem, I have run the same libcurl code on
Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX, also I have run memory tools on
Linux (valgrind) which only reports problems with the getaddrinfo calls
in libcurl (Seems like an os issue).

All the platforms except for Windows appear to run correctly, but when I
try to upload a program on Windows using curl-7.0.7 or curl-7.0.6 it
errors out after an unspecified amount of data has been sent. I am
calling curl from C++ code, and I catch the access violation using a
catch ... and therefor recover from the problem, but the result is that
I cannont upload files on Windows. We compile using Visual Studio .net,
and are using the multi interface. I have tried to trim down the code to
something that I could post, however have not been able to produce the
same results with code that would be worth posting to this list. (when
the problem occurs libcurl is compiled into a dll with our code and is
driven by another program. When I get curl outside of that model I
cannot seem to reproduce the problem.

If you would like more information I can provide it. The crash appears
to happen in curl_multi_perform() but outside of the ReadCallback


On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 11:01, Giuliano Ippoliti wrote:
> Hi all, I've encountered a problem using libcurl with
> Microsoft Visual Studio. I'm trying to upload a file
> to an AS400 FTP server. Using Linux I haven't got any
> problem using the same program (the example program
> ftpupload.c).
> Setting the verbose option, I obtain this output:
> * About to connect() to xxxx
> * Connected to xxxx port 21
> < 220-QTCP at xxxx
> < 220 Connection will close if idle more than 10
> minutes.
> > USER xxxxxx
> < 331 Enter password.
> > PASS xxxxxx
> < 230 VISITEUR logged on.
> * We have successfully logged in
> > PWD
> < 257 "QGPL" is current library.
> * Entry path is 'QGPL'
> > CWD visiteur
> < 250 "VISITEUR" is current library.
> > EPSV
> < 500 Subcommand EPSV not valid.
> > PASV
> < 227 Entering Passive Mode (xxxxxx,222,75).
> * About to connect() to xxxxxx:56907
> * Connecting to SORECO (xxxxxx) port 56907
> * Connected the data stream with PASV!
> > TYPE I
> < 200 Representation type is binary IMAGE.
> > STOR while.txt
> < 150 Sending file to member TXT in file WHILE in
> library VISITEUR.
> And now I obtain a "0xC0000005 Access violation"!
> Using the DOS prompt to upload the file with the
> standard commands I have no problem, so I suppose that
> the problem is in the code.
> Thank you very much for the attention,
> Giuliano
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