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Re: using libcurl with Visual Basic from MS-Access and Windows2000

From: Joerg Mueller-Tolk <>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 11:27:00 +0100

Servus Wolfgang

>i cannot use libcurl.dll in my MS-Access Application.
I suppose you use an Access Version with normal VBA without .NET

>I copied Libcurl.dll to systems32
>Executing the first Statement H=curl_easy_init() gives the error:
>"Run-time Error '53':
> File not fount: libcurl.dll"
This error is also displayed if there are unresoveld dependencies.
You dll might need the SSL libraries (libeay.dll, ssleay32.dll)

>Apparently the library is not in a format that is recognised by Visual
>When I try to register the Library with:
>"regscr32 c:\winnt\system32\libcurl.dll"
>a similar error message is appearing.
Registration is not always necessary. The search order involves
application path, working directory, Windows direcories and those in
%PATH% (network shares disliked).

>Has anyone got a Version of libcurl.dll or annother intermediate Library
>that works with microsoft Visual Basic?
The fastest way to produce working, clean and pretty code is writing a
C/C++-DLL in Visual-Studio and declaring its exported functions in VB.

I can give you further assistance

Joerg M-T

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Received on 2003-10-30