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Re: using libcurl with Visual Basic from MS-Access and Windows2000

From: Jörg Müller-Tolk <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 08:12:24 +0100

Jeff Pohlmeyer wrote:

>I think using libcurl from VB will not be this simple.

>So you would need to also declare your own write callback,
>or maybe import the I/0 functions from msvcrt.dll so that
>you can get a "C" file handle for libcurl to operate on.
This is very simple. I am a poor boy and have to cope with VB as GUI all
the time.
Luckily I can move any logic to C/C++ :-)

>As Daniel already mentioned, you also need some way of determining
>the numeric values for the CURLOPT constants. For the Delphi wrapper,
>I just used a simple C program to dump the values to a text file.
If I were you, I would write a short Perl-Script to produce the VB
global const XYZ as long = xy definitions.

>Depending on how complex your program is, you might do better
>with wininet.dll for simple transfers.
But you buy uncontrolable popups with this as well !!!

I think cURL is still the best choice for you

Joerg M-T

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Received on 2003-10-31