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Re: test / Listserver troubles

From: Philip Gladstone <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 10:44:07 -0500

I'm also a member of another project (ffmpeg) that decided to jump ship
from SF a few months ago. It is msotly working, but there are still
problems. I think that they made the move without thinking about it
enough, and about the service that they really wanted from their new host.

Just a note of caution.


Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> On Sat, 24 Jan 2004, Gisle Vanem wrote:
> (I'm CC'ing this reply to the curl-users list as well, this concerns all of
> us. Let's hope it reaches the lists fine... )
>>There seems to be troubles with the SF mailing list. Below is a status
>>message for my undelivered message yesterday I've sent other messages which
>>didn't arrive also.
> The services of Sourceforge are slowly and gradually degrading into
> uselessness.
> I'm very happy we jumped ship with the CVS server, as the CVS services of
> Sourceforge are still crap and even worse than when we abandoned it. I use it
> in other projects, and we suffer.'s CVS server is *excellent*.
> We currently use the mailing lists and the bug/patch trackers on sourceforge,
> as the last final ones they still managed to provide with a satisfyable
> functionality. Now I cannot say so anymore.
> The mailing lists bounce occational errors, the web site and thus the trackers
> return "down for maintainance" very frequently.
> The time has come to terminate the use of Sourceforge once and for all. We
> thank them for their services, but now they obviously no longer offer what we
> want. They served us well, but I figure their popularity has made them take
> such a heavy load that it is impossible for them to remain usuable.
> Now, while I figure they might fix their problems, I think this is a hint of
> what we'll face more frequently in the future should we remain with
> sourceforge. Just like how they've failed to cure the CVS problems, the
> immense load from all the millions of users and the insane traffic they must
> be getting will keep a torchlight on them to always have to upgrade and to
> lower the service level for the projects/users.
> It is time to completely jump ship.
> However, I don't want to blindly jump and hope for the best. I want to have a
> firm ground to land on, and I don't have that at the time of this writing, so
> we need to bear with sourceforge a little while yet and now I am wondering:
> Anyone with a suggestion/hosting to offer? We need mailing lists
> (spam-protected, preferably web interface admin interface) and bug tracker. I
> am only interested in a truly committed admin/site with proven and reliable
> service. If you have an idea or volounteer, send me a mail and we'll discuss
> it!

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