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Re: ANNOUNCE: c-ares 1.0.0

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 09:09:36 +0100 (CET)

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Joerg Mueller-Tolk wrote:

> I do not plan using ares, but I was curious and tried compiling. I used
> Microsoft Visual C 6.0 Service Pack 5 and the provided workspace file. This
> is what I found (I'll leave out the unreferenced local variables):

Thanks a lot for doing this. In my end, I've now made it possible to run
configure --enable-debug so that I can build ares using picky compiler options
and see a few of these warnings myself.

I've fixed most of them now, but I have a few questions:

> c-ares-1.0.0\getopt.c is not in the tar archive

How was this (adig) built on Windows in the first place? It uses getopt() but
there's no getopt.c provided in the ares (nor c-ares) achives?

> c-ares-1.0.0\nameser.h(157) : warning C4005: 'NOERROR' : macro redefinition
> Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\INCLUDE\winerror.h(8022) : see previous
> definition of 'NOERROR'

Oh, I'll make sure to #undef first.

> c-ares-1.0.0\ares_init.c(139) : warning C4013: '_getpid' undefined;
> assuming extern returning int

Is there a particular header file in windows we should include to get the
prototype for getpid() or should we provide our own?

> c-ares-1.0.0\ares_parse_a_reply.c(88) : warning C4018: '<' :
> signed/unsigned mismatch
> c-ares-1.0.0\ares_parse_ptr_reply.c(69) : warning C4018: '<' :
> signed/unsigned mismatch
> c-ares-1.0.0\ares_search.c(232) : warning C4013: 'strncasecmp'
> undefined; assuming extern returning int

These are all fixed in CVS now.

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