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Re: No socklen_t, --enable-debug and config.h

From: Tor Arntsen <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 13:18:11 +0100

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On Feb 5, 9:30, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>Ah. The way that include file is included in the client code is somewhat ugly,
>but I hope I've corrected this particular problem now by making sure that the
>src/ also sets up the socklen_t type.

Ok, that should show up in tomorrow's autobuilds (the IRIX builds with just
"link" in the test column should go green). BTW, a couple of the IRIX
description lines said just "IRIX 6.5", they should all be "IRIX 6.5.8".
(This matters somewhat, as that particular problem wouldn't have occured
with some later sub-revisions of IRIX). Fixed for tomorrow's autobuild.

(I guess you noticed all the warnings by the MIPSPro compiler.. it's kind
of noisy but sometimes that sgi compiler finds way more real problems than
gcc -Wall does)

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