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Re: crash while receiving huge image data from server via POST

From: Jerry G. Chiuan <>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 13:37:19 -0800

Hi Daniel,
I found a clue while I trace curl codes in debug mode

> You need to provide more info for this to be interesting. What lines are
> these? Why does it crash on that line? Can you show us some content of
> variables?
> Can you provide a complete example source that crashes when run?
> > But, it succeeds if the image on server side is *smaller*
> How big is "big" and how small is "smaller"?
> > Futhermore, I used verbose debug mode and found that curl crashes while
> > trying to receive *chunked* image data
> > ( I saw the received http header has "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" )
> > The wierd thing is it pretty much always crashes after 14th data chunk
> > passed into callback CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION successfully
> > In other words, it crashes while trying to get *15th* chunk.
> I really don't think this is related to the number of chunks.
Received on 2004-02-06