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Re: Configuring in msys/mingw

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 11:22:54 +0100 (CET)

On Sun, 8 Feb 2004, Andrés García wrote:

> > As Gisle wrote, it is odd that you reach the SIGALRM stuff as you
> > shouldn't have those things present!
> Not exactly, in 'config.h' I don't have HAVE_SIGACTION defined, only
> HAVE_SIGNAL, so I changed the lines that gave the error from:
> #ifdef HAVE_SIGNAL
> keep_sigact = signal(SIGALRM, alarmfunc);
> #endif
> to
> #if defined(HAVE_SIGNAL) && defined(HAVE_SIGACTION)
> keep_sigact = signal(SIGALRM, alarmfunc);
> #endif

Uh, if you have HAVE_SIGNAL set, it means that configure detected that you
actually have a signal() function. Then we should be able to use it!

If you don't have a signal() function, then we should make sure that the
configure script doesn't find it!

> Then I could continue with the compiling with only a warning about not being
> able to create the shared version of the library, until it tried to link
> everything to create 'curl.exe', then it failed with an error about not
> being able to find 'timeGetTime'.
> As far as I can see, that function should be in 'libwinmm.a', but no matter
> how many '-lwinmm' I add, it keeps not able to find it. Is it somewhere
> else?

It is documented in lib/timeval.c to be in the winmm.lib. For testing, you can
try to set the define WITHOUT_MM_LIB and rebuild to have curl build without
needing that.

> For the time being I am 'borrowing' nroff from cygwin, eventually I guess we
> could add a check so that it skips creating hugehelp.c if it is msys/mingw.

Yes. I've been thinking about adding a --disable-manual option to the
configure script, that would prevent the hugehelp text to get used, and we
could then use that same method if the configure script doesn't find the
suitable tools for creating it.

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Received on 2004-02-09