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From: codemastr <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 17:16:30 -0500

Exactly what operations does the CURLOPT_TIMEOUT include?

>From the docs it seems as though it includes DNS resolution and the actual
transfer of the file. My question is, what exactly does this setting
include? What I mean is, it it the time from the first connect() to the last
close()? Basically I'm trying to fine tune this as much as possible. Ideally
I'd like to set 1 limit for DNS, 1 limit for connect(), 1 limit for an
individual operation (i.e. read() time out) and 1 limit as an overall
maxtime for the entire transfer. It doesn't seem like that is possible
however. Any ideas on what the closest I can come to this is?

Dominick Meglio
Received on 2004-02-11