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Re: Zlib 1.2.1

From: Tor Arntsen <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 12:37:32 +0100

On Feb 18, 0:25, "Andy Serpa" wrote:
>Just a heads up --
>I notice that the curl builds (as of v 7.11.0) are still using zlib
>1.1.4, but there is a new zlib version 1.2.1 out as of Nov 2003...

As somebody else mentioned, on Debian unstable curl is linked against 1.2.1,
which seems to work fine.

For my own daily builds ( I prefer to stick with
the vendor-supplied versions of all tools, compilers and libs, however old,
as long as these will indeed work with curl. This in order to verify that
curl, as much as possible, can be built "out of the box". One of my
motivations for doing the auto-builds is in the hope of increasing the chance
that vendors will include the newest versions of their next companion/freeware
CDs. SGI, for example, currently provides version 7.10.3, while IBM's version
is as old as 7.9.3. HP/Compaq doesn't provide any curl version for Tru64 at
all, as far as I know.

So I've been building curl against 1.0.4, 1.1.3, and 1.1.4 of zlib, all
those versions are vendor-supplied libs for one platform or another. For
libtool, and automake/autoconf (the last two are needed for builds out of
CVS, at least) the situation is often a bit more difficult because curl
needs quite new versions. On my build platforms it's only on Irix and Linux
that the vendor-supplied versions of those three tools are new enough.
(There are also one or two more snags, like a horribly broken 'which' program
on AIX and Tru64 ('which' is called from curl/buildconf)).

Received on 2004-02-18