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Re: [PROPOSAL] simplify gnu makefiles

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 20:56:18 +0200

Hi Daniel,
> For most platforms and builds we can't tell which builds that use GNU
> make,
> thus we must avoid all GNU extensions except for the rare case wheres we
> know
> GNU make is used (and I can't name even name one such right now).
I can for sure name these: mingw32, netware, djp; and probably also risos from what it looks in the makefile;
so non-gnu are the minority: borland and vc;

> I'm a bit old school on this. I don't consider this suggestion much of an
> improvement. Instead of explicitly mention all the source files, this
> hides
> what files that are used and makes it impossible to add local test files
> with
> .c extensions (without having them built and included in libcurl).
ok, that convinces me.

so then another approach which would at least eleminate further maintainance with the those platforms I mentioned above:

I've copied the part from containing the HHEADERS and CSOURCES section into a separate file '', and then do a 'include' from my Makefile; I've also tried to directly include the whole, but unfortunately there broke something with a line, have not tracked that down yet....
so this would be usable with mingw32, netware, djp for sure, and perhaps riscos.

the question is then if we check into CVS, and you generate only a new one out of when something changed? I think that would be simplest...

Received on 2004-07-02