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Re: gknauf: curl/src Makefile.b32,1.3,1.4

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 14:55:20 +0200

>> +# 'BCCDIR' has to be set up to point to the base directory
>> +# of the compiler, i.e. SET BCCDIR = c:\Borland\BCC55
>> +# where c:\Borland\BCC55 is the compiler is installed

> This shouldn't be needed if user setup the compiler correctly.
> Since other compilers must also be setup, Borland shouldn't be
> treated differently. I suggest this comment in the makefile.b32 files:
agreed, but that was already in the Makefile, I've only moved it to the top.

> #
> # Edit or create a <Borland-root>\bin\bcc32.cfg and add these
> # lines:
> # -I<Borland-root>\include
> # -L<Borland-root>\lib;<Borland-root>\lib\PSDK
> #
ok, will this evening take another look; also have successfully removed the ugly Makefile.b32.resp dependence...

>> +LDFLAGS = -lap
>> +
>> +# If you build without SSL support, remove "-DUSE_SSLEAY" from the line
>> below.

> This should be the default (i.e. no OpenSSL). Have you tried building
> OpenSSL with
> Borland? Nearly impossible.
correct, but it was default to build with OpenSSL; I will add a var and make it conditional as with the other Makefiles....


> Why is the LIBCURL_BIGENDIAN needed?
no idea - I've just taken what was on the oild makefile....

>> +INCDIRS = -I$(CURNTDIR);$(TOPDIR)/include;$(TOPDIR)/lib
>> +LINKLIB = $(BCCDIR)/lib/psdk/ws2_32.lib

> Should IMHO simply be
> LINKLIB = cw32mt.lib winmm.lib ws2_32.lib
what I did was just a quick shot to get something workable for Greg, I've already looked at the BCC help file, and see that this all can be done better....

>> +sys/utime.h: $(BCCDIR)\include\utime.h
>> + @echo Fix missing header $@
>> + @-mkdir sys
>> + @$(CP) $** sys

> Why not remove HAVE_SYS_UTIME_H and HAVE_UTIME for
> __BORLANDC__ instead of this ugly hack?
sure, agreed; but I wasnt sure if sys/utime.h is missing with all Borland distros....
so I did it this way to avoid changing too much files until I'm sure that the change is needed - and if so then this never worked with Borland...?? That was what I wondered....

the other problem I run into is the SIZEOF_CURL_OFF_T setting for Win32; maybe for Borland it has to be set to 4 ?
Borland seems to have no import lib _lseek64... (which is exported by msvcrt.dll)

no further time now to check the size with a testprog, perhaps later or tomorrow....

Received on 2004-07-14