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Re: Regression: does not ignore HTTP/1.1 headers when -0 isspecified

From: Toby Peterson <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 18:03:42 -0700

On 14 Jul 2004, at 17.46, Guenter Knauf wrote:

> no! The correct behavior would be to fix it in Apache 1.3, create a
> patch, create a bug report at BugZilla, re-open the bug report and
> mark it with the keyword 'PatchAvailable', and then attach your patch.

We have patches for large file support, but they break binary
compatibility for modules. Not a great solution. If anything, I'm just
going to ignore the issue and update Apache instead. ;)

However, here's a quote from RFC1945, 7.2.2:

       Note: Some older servers supply an invalid Content-Length when
       sending a document that contains server-side includes dynamically
       inserted into the data stream. It must be emphasized that this
       will not be tolerated by future versions of HTTP. Unless the
       client knows that it is receiving a response from a compliant
       server, it should not depend on the Content-Length value being

The last sentence is fairly significant. It suggests (to me) that curl
should simply ignore an obviously bogus Content-Length (< 0), and try
to retrieve the file anyway. Thoughts?

Toby Peterson
Core OS
Apple Computer
Received on 2004-07-15