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From: Casey ODonnell <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 18:47:28 -0400

This is mostly directed at Daniel...

Was just curious if/when _reset() might make its way into the source
tree. I'm getting ready to bump versions of libcurl, and was curious
if I would have to re-patch the current CVS head. No rush, just

Also, I'll throw some wxCurl info your way soon, for the bindings
page. I did finally take a look at that. Thank you. I took over the SF.NET
account for wxCurl, so wxCurlDAV will soon become wxCurl with a whole
host of classes based on LibCURL. Just trying to put together a dir
structure that make sense now...yuck.


Casey O'Donnell
RPI STS Department - Graduate Student
Received on 2004-07-17