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Re: curl_easy_reset AND How I'm a CVS Idiot...

From: Casey ODonnell <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 08:45:52 -0400

Yes, perhaps we should call it something else? curl_easy_optreset()?

It does not touch:
curl_hash (hostcache)
SSL Engine Info

It only resets:

Having not really used the share interface, I can't be too helpful
with what this function ought to do. Reading, the current docs, I
would say that we should maintain the share interface, because we
aren't reseting Cookies ore DNS cache...which is what they share
(beyond userdata).

Anyone else is welcome to get in on this.


P.S. Thanks for the response on inclusion time. 7.12.1 sounds great.

> While sitting here slowly working this into my sources, I miss the man page!
> More seriously, what we need to carefully check and note in that man page is
> what particular info this function DOES NOT reset. I could quickly think of
> these items:
> live connections, the Session ID cache, the DNS cache and cookies
> I then came to think of shares, and that this function doesn't stop the handle
> from using a previously set share. I'm not quite sure if that is the correct
> behaviour.
> Did I miss anything else?

Casey O'Donnell
RPI STS Department - Graduate Student
Received on 2004-07-17