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Re: ftpupload.c in SCO openserver

From: Ken Weinert <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 06:42:03 -0600

On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 02:18, behrouz zolfaghari wrote:
> curl-config --libz
> -L/curl/lib -lcurl -lnsl -lsocket -lz -L/usr/local/lib
> curl-config --cflags
> -L/curl/include

Just a quick note here: the -L flag tells the compiler where to look
for a library (if it isn't in one of the standard places) and the -l
flag tells the compiler which libraries to look for.

Note that curl-config has the -L first and the -l second - that's
because the compiler needs to know that the curl library isn't located
in a standard place (/lib, /usr/lib).

In general, you should always have your -L flags before your -l flags in
the command line.

> the command line
> cc -o ftpupload -lnsl -lcurl -lz -lsocket -I/curl/include -L/curl/lib

You could just make your command line:

cc `curl-config --cflags` ftpupload.c -o ftpupload `curl-config --libs`

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