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Re: 7.12.1 Solaris build problem with getdate.y

From: Dan Fandrich <>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 06:41:09 -0700

On Fri, Sep 10, 2004 at 08:39:18AM -0400, Mohun Biswas wrote:
> Regarding the actual yacc problem, it seems to have come up once before
> in 2003:
> I
> suspect it doesn't come up more often because the tar package comes with
> getdate.c, and the problem only shows up if you do a "make clean", which
> removes getdate.c, before building.
> I suspect the recommendation would be the same as in 2003: "install
> bison". But IMHO a creeping dependence on the GNU toolchain would be
> unfortunate. I'm reluctant to install bison because I'm afraid of how it
> might affect my fulltime development activities (which consist of more
> than rebuilding curl). I don't know much about yacc but as far as I
> know, Solaris yacc is standard. Is it possible to make the yacc grammar
> such that it will build with a standard yacc? Or alternatively, if
> getdate.c is to be considered a delivered source file rather than a
> derived object, why should "make clean" remove it?

You're forgetting a third option: rewrite getdate to simplify it and/or remove
the dependency on yacc/bison altogether. getdate as it stands is overkill for
libcurl's needs; in fact, about 10% of the size of an http-only libcurl is
in getdate. HTTP only allows three date formats which can be parsed fairly
easily without yacc. getdate appears to be used in ftp as well, but I don't
know exactly how; that would need to be checked before changing it.

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