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Re: Anyone for HTTP Pipelining?

From: Armel Asselin <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 01:30:28 +0200

> But - I believe in starting doing things simple, so I believe this kind of
> advanced system with multiple pipes and priorities etc will be subject for
> inclusion later. We should first make pipelining work with a more
> simplistic plain one-pipe-per-server-until-full-then-start-a-new apprach.
could the user have the notion of the "pipe" and tell "add this easy_handle
to this pipe" or "how many pending reequest in this pipe"?
or does it already exist? with this two simple function, the user could
decide by itself to which pipe to add and implement on top of libcurl "the
advanced system"... or maybe two modes: the simplistic you describe or the
manual one.

Received on 2006-06-23