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libcurl: Versions - Which Version to Use with FIPS-Compatible openssl 9.7 Branch?

From: Welling, Conrad Gerhart <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2007 15:17:06 -0800


I'm building a Windows 2000/XP application and I intend to make use of the curl library, having recently discovered its benefits. I intend to utilize the curl library HTTPS capability with a FIPS-compatible OpenSSL build, which I understand (see below) must be based upon an openssl 9.7.x branch. Am I correct in assuming that the current version of the SSL-enabled curl library was built to be linked with an openssl 9.8 branch? If so, which version and package of the curl library should I use to link with an openssl 9.7.x branch?


The OpenSSL FIPS-140-2 User Guide (February 24, 2007) says, on page 42 ...

"2. The FIPS object module is not be [sic] compatible with OpenSSL versions 0.9.8+, due to extensive changes in OpenSSL that introduce compatibility issues with the FIPS object module API which cannot, of course, be modified to match."
Received on 2007-03-03