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RE: spreading the work load

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 22:55:32 +0100 (CET)

On Sat, 10 Mar 2007, Shmulik Regev wrote:

> I suggest that you'll establish some kind of process to maximize the
> collaborative effort.

I'm not at all convinced that an established "process" is what we need for
this, or at least that we can make one until we get more people involved.

I'm more interested in just getting more eyeballs on the patches and comments
on them posted to the list. Many times, other people than me can point out
problems and quirks with them, or even say that they look and/or work fine. Or
run tests on their hosts with them applied to see that they still run the
tests fine etc.

> For example, when reviewing new patches there are multiple issues to
> consider:

> - platform compatibility

Right, a patch MUST NOT break the compile/build for any platform. If a feature
requires a specific feature, that feature must be tested for properly.

> - does it play well with the existing tests?

There's also a huge bonus to the submitters who provide one or more test cases
with their patches! ;-)

> - is it aligned with the existing coding style? I'm not talking about
> indentation and stuff although these are very important also, but about the
> coding "philosophy" (now thats a big word) behind curl.
> - how large is the user base that will benefit from the patch?

Both these points are related.

That's always a matter of discussion and what we as a group consider is right,
and I only get a harder time to decide on these issues if nobody else has said
their opinions since then I can only go with that I personally think and

> BTW, I tried once (not to hard though) to run the tests on windows without
> luck. Are they known to work? If not, this is probably a very important
> task.

One thing I've had to do in my work with (lib)curl, is to drop certain areas
where I simply cannot spend time. One of those "dropped areas" of mine is
windows, so I need and rely on help from others on everything that is
windows-specific. Including the test system.

I'd say that if the tests don't run for you on windows (I mean after you have
the prerequisits like perl installed), they need attention...

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