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Re: VC8 Makefiles

From: Jonathan Arnold <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 10:48:31 -0400

Robert (Bob) A. Monat wrote:
> Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>>> Will these changes allow .vc8 to be built as part of the autobuild?
>> vc8 Makefiles already are included the daily snapshots. These changes
>> will "just" improve them.
> I'm trying to use the vc8 Makefiles. However, I did not see them in a
> CVS download a few minutes ago. There is a Makefile.vc6 with a date of
> March 14, 11:44am that I would not have expected. maketgz looks to be
> correct.

I think they are made via a script, and are not actually part of CVS. Which
actually brings up something I've been meaning to say about Windows make
files (or .vcproj files). There really should be 8 targets for Visual Studio:

1] Debug & Release DLLs using static VC libs (Code Generation = /MT)
2] Debug & Release DLLs using VC DLLs (Code Generation = /MD)
3] Debug & Release libs using static VC libs (Code Generation = /MT)
4] Debug & Release libs using VC DLLs (Code Generation = /MD)

I know it is ugly but if it gets done at the source, other people trying to
build it won't have to do it. Often, you can get away with not doing the
static VC libs for the debug builds, because the default VC project is to use
DLLs for debug and static for release. But if you do some of them, you might
as well do all of them.

I looked into it a bit, and checked the archives, but I wasn't really sure how
to go about getting the correct .vcproj files for each of these options.

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