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Re: 9 years

From: Gonzalo Diethelm <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 08:10:22 -0400

Great work, by a wonderful team. Cheers!

On Tue, 2007-03-20 at 10:10 +0100, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> Hi
> I especially want to mention and say thanks to Dan Fandrich, Gisle Vanem and
> Yang Tse who do a lot of work "in silence" and commit good stuff on regular
> basis.
> I greatly appreciate the companies that have paid for features and extensions,
> that have allowed me to do parts of my efforts on paid work hours.
> The over 500 named contributors have made (lib)curl to what it currently is.
> On this very day, nine long years ago, curl was first released. We've come a
> long way since then. I don't see any signs on a slow-down, but instead we move
> at a greater pace than ever before.
> We don't get awards. We don't have any celebrities involved. We have no
> particular company backing. There's no glory and very very little hipe in this
> project. But we don't need any of that. I enjoy spending time on this project
> and I do my best and try to produce quality code and design for everyone.
> curl is currently being downloaded roughly *one million* times per year, from
> our mirrors only. Add all the distro downloads and when downloaded as part of
> other packages, and we most likely end up in several million downloads per
> year. That's not too shabby!
> The web site gets more than 100.000 unique visitors per month,
> during which they download more than 50GB.
> Enough with that now. Back to our regular programming!

Gonzalo Diethelm
Received on 2007-03-20