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Re: libcurl c++

From: Uday <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:44:39 +0530

> I find it a bit strange that you don't first figure out exactly what
> you want to do before you write your program.

my objective is to upload the log file which is a text file generated while
running my program and of size more than 5MB. so i have to zip it before

Are you really doing a "file upload" with plain (*not* multipart formpost)

i didn't know how exactly i should do this since this is the first time i'm
using this. so i tried checking the sample programs given by curl and i
found a file named "fileUpload.c" in which i found setting the
CURLOPT_UPLOAD to TRUE. so, i thought i was really doing "file upload". but
i didn't set any property to set "multipart form". since it failed & our
server supports only GET and POST, I tried doing the same using HTTP_POST.

> here's my current attempt.
> And what happens when you use this?

no error/exception from my side. the status returned by curl was 200. but
the required file was not found in the server.

Thanks & Regards,
Received on 2007-03-26