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Re: [patch] fix Cygwin build problems and testsuite infrastucturequestions

From: Brian Dessent <>
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2007 00:48:19 -0700

Yang Tse wrote:

> LDAP - Is it really better to call/link the Windows native LDAP
> library from Cygwin instead of using OpenLDAP or The Mozilla LDAP C
> SDK ?

That is a good question. The Cygwin distro provides OpenLDAP packages,
so it would be possible to add it to the list of the curl package's
dependencies. But from what I can tell the configure check for LDAP
always returns the win32 DLL even on Cygwin, so it would have to be
modified to report OpenLDAP.

I'm not sure whether requiring all users of curl to also install
OpenLDAP makes sense, for a feature they may not use, when a native API
also exists. I suppose it could be left out of the "requires:" line
since the lib is loaded dynamically, with just a note somewhere that if
you want to use LDAP you have to also know to install OpenLDAP
packages. But both of these alternatives sound less friendly than just
using the win32 LDAP calls.

> SSPI - Is there any replacement for the native Windows native SSPI
> library which could be used from POSIX ? Looking for cross platform
> interoperability.

I don't know much about SSPI, but I doubt it.

> Besides Unicode issues I'm not sure that cygwin1.dll can always be
> circumvected in a safe way making direct calls to the MS CRT / DLLs.
> Are the needed ones blessed by the Cygwin team to use in this manner

If it's of any help, it seems that this is how curl has been implemented
for ages on Cygwin, i.e. it has always tried to
LoadLibray("wldap32.dll"), and it has always tried to use the native
SSPI api. The only thing that changed (as far as I can tell) was that
the windows header includes were recently reworked such that now
windows.h is no longer included.

Received on 2007-04-09