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CURL loops infinitely when cable is pulled out.

From: Sonia Subramanian <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 13:42:00 -0700



I found a situation where CURL gets stuck in an infinite loop.

I wanted to check with you on whether this is a problem with CURL or the
underlying environment.


I am in an environment where when the cable is pulled out CURL is
looping infinitely in the following lines of code:


In Transfer.c




static CURLcode

Transfer(struct connectdata *conn)


The code is at:


      result = Curl_readwrite(conn, &done);




      return result;

(result is Ok - it does not return).


It goes to :


while (!done) {

    curl_socket_t fd_read;

    curl_socket_t fd_write;

    int interval_ms;


    interval_ms = 1 * 1000;


3. if(k->keepon & KEEP_READ)

      fd_read = conn->sockfd;



if(k->keepon & KEEP_WRITE) it executes the else part

fd_write = CURL_SOCKET_BAD;


5. switch (Curl_select(fd_read, fd_write, interval_ms)) {


6. default: /* readable descriptors */

      result = Curl_readwrite(conn, &done);

Stepping into Curl_readwrite


 1. if(k->keepon & KEEP_READ)

    fd_read = conn->sockfd;

2. if(k->keepon & KEEP_WRITE) it executes the else part

fd_write = CURL_SOCKET_BAD;


select_res = Curl_select(fd_read, fd_write, 0);

  if(select_res == CSELECT_ERR) {

    failf(data, "select/poll returned error");

    return CURLE_SEND_ERROR;


Stepping into Curl_select

do {

    r = select((int)maxfd + 1, &fds_read, &fds_write, &fds_err,

  } while((r == -1) && (Curl_sockerrno() == EINTR));


  if (r < 0)

    return -1;

  if (r == 0)

    return 0; - this returns 0.


3. within the do while loop


  do {

    /* If we still have reading to do, we check if we have a readable

       socket. */

    if((k->keepon & KEEP_READ) && (select_res & CSELECT_IN)) {

 condition does not pass. So block is skipped.


4. if((k->keepon & KEEP_WRITE) && (select_res & CSELECT_OUT)) {

Condition does not pass


k->now = Curl_tvnow();

  if(didwhat) {

    /* Update read/write counters */


      *conn->bytecountp = k->bytecount; /* read count */


      *conn->writebytecountp = k->writebytecount; /* write count */


  else {

it executes the else part - I have not set a timeout value and






    result = Curl_speedcheck(data, k->now);

  if (result)

    return result;


  if (data->set.timeout &&

      ((Curl_tvdiff(k->now, k->start)/1000) >= data->set.timeout)) {

    failf(data, "Operation timed out with %" FORMAT_OFF_T

          " out of %" FORMAT_OFF_T " bytes received",

          k->bytecount, conn->size);



Sets result to OK - Curl speedcheck is executed.



if(!k->keepon) { - check does not pass


  /* Now update the "done" boolean we return */

  *done = !k->keepon; - which is set to true and the whole loop
continues again.


Would you please let me know if this is a problem with CURL code or
there is some inconsistency in the driver below that is causing this?


On another system type where it does work if(!k->keepon is false and
Partial_file is returned.


Keepon is reset if the socket has a valid read or a valid write value
returned in Curl_Select.

But here that returns 0.

Is that return code correct?

If so, should the value of keepon or done change if both read and write
are not valid i.e curl_select returns 0.

I think in this case done should be set to false but I am not sure of
the impact it will have on other cases.


Thanks very much for your help.








Received on 2007-04-18