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Re: Official web based forum?

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 14:22:35 +0200

Hi Daniel,
> I'd be interested in having an official web based forum for curl and
> libcurl
> issues/discussions. Some people (weirdly enough) just don't like mailing
> lists.
I can understand that because for working with mailing lists you need to have:
- a separate email account
- a very good mail filter system

> The problem for me is that I'm up to my ears in work and administrative
> tasks
> in this project already so I really can't take it upon myself to setup
> such a forum/site as well.
well, not much better from my side because I'm already involved in way too much projects....

> So, here's my public plea: is there any (lib)curl fan out there who thinks
> this is something you can do for the project?
I've self running such a forum based on phpBB for years now, and would be able to share my experience with setup and maintainance; however I'm not willing to do it all alone - instead this would require a common agreement that a good number of folks who are here on the list would also co-manage the forum...
also I see the major problem in that we have then two places where issues come up; some may come up double, some may be answered only on the mailing list, some only in the forum....; I've no experience yet with sychronizing with mailing lists...
also its _required_ to modify phpBB with anti-robot modules: a stronger captcha is required, and other mods to avoid auto-registrations with robot scripts...

here's what I could quickly setup within less than an hour (needs of course some further color tweaks):

where do you want to have the forum? If you give me access to some webspace + create a mysql DB then I could install this on your host quickly...

greets, Guen.
Received on 2007-04-22