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RE: CURL loops infinitely when cable is pulled out.

From: Sonia Subramanian <>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 16:30:07 -0700

Thanks- the port was done in July '06. It has worked fine except for
select returning 0 requiring timeout options set. After I set that it
does time out too. We definitely appreciate Daniel's posts. I am sure a
lot of Curl users agree.

I just wish I could have submitted the patches that he requested I do.


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Sonia Subramanian schrieb:
> The company has this policy accross the board and
> requesting for an exception is very time consuming and the management
has not managed to get that yet.
> I had requested permission to submit the WinCE patch like you
requested but I think this has been turned down.
> What I did was emailed my WinCE patch to whoever requested for it
directly about half a dozen times. Though this is not allowed either -it
has been overlooked given the circumstances.

Honestly, you should think about asking your company to pay Daniel to
port it to your WinCE plattform.
He knows the curl code,
He knows about sockets,
He will be able to do it in less time,
He can patch it into mainline and support upcoming versions too.

Of course, curl has a neat license to rip the code, but maybe you might
save some time/money if you pay for support using the curl commercial
support program.

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