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Re: [PATCHES RFC 2/2] Optional hash table improvements

From: Robert Iakobashvili <>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 20:49:28 +0200

On 5/2/07, Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:
> >> I mean, if someone goes mad and tries 100,000 connections they probably
> >> will see that upping this size even more will be very beneficial to them...
> >
> > Actually, we were really planning doing that in a couple of months... and
> > our madness is limited only by some more urgent features/issues and absence
> > of appropriate HW.
> What's the largest number of connections you've "done" so far?

15K against local lighttpd with an ancient home Pentium-4 3.0 GHz and
1GB of a slow
unchecked memory with a fine tuning of some kernel params as here:

The main issues to reach 50-100 K may be a strong CPU consumption
by CreateConnection (still to investigate - could be a memory allocation
issue), enough memory - 4-8 GB of a fast checked memory on a good bus
with a good dual CPU server, like Supermicro or Tyan AMD Opteron.

A server side able to run 50-100 K connections may be lighttpd (epoll mode
with fd-max increased) with another piece of a good HW, where a single CPU
server with 2GB memory might be enough.

Robert Iakobashvili,
coroberti %x40 gmail %x2e com
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Received on 2007-05-02