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Re: [PATCHES RFC 2/2] Optional hash table improvements

From: Aleksandar Lazic <>
Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 17:17:01 +0200

On Fre 04.05.2007 12:49, Robert Iakobashvili wrote:
>On 5/4/07, Aleksandar Lazic <> wrote:
>>If it is not to disrespectful and arrogating have you the possibility
>>to make one or two tests with nginx as replacement for lighty, if the
>>config makes this possible.
>Either web server is an option, if it withstands high numbers of

Cool then nginx ( is definitly for you ;-))

There is a nice wiki with many examples, and don't hestiate to ask ;-)

But only if you have the time and the leisure.

>> >Currently, we have done only 10-15 K clients (added to
>> >multi-handle), that we believe due to our HW limitations. Total
>> >number of clients, that is used may be several times higher due to
>> >the clients doing their after url fetching "sleeping" timeouts.
>>?! on one Computer(Server/PC)?!
>>Sorry I don't understand this sentence.
>Single loading "home" PC 3GHz Pentium-4 (512 KB cache), 1 GB old
>unchecked DDR 333 memory running a single curl-loader process. Y can
>look at hipev.c test of CURL HIPER project, where 10K handles have been
>also used.

And you was able to genereate ~15k client requests, wow.


Received on 2007-05-04