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Wrong data received in a write callback

From: Nicolas Martin <>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 11:54:03 +0200


I'm using libcurl 7.15.5 in a small download utility I wrote. This
software is cross compiled and ran on an ARM9 platform.

Performing some testing, I noticed some downloaded files (about 5%)
are different from the original.
The corruption consists in a few bytes changed in a whole file, for
example this diff:

  000b8d0 4160 6e7f 1a99 9b03 7223 d368 11ec 23f3
  000b8e0 4619 32f9 a434 6dd4 f9b6 81e1 a203 4bc2
  000b8f0 e04e 578a c3df 4812 906a afbe d3ff fee5

  000b8d0 4160 6e7f 1a99 9b03 7223 0100 0010 0200
  000b8e0 0020 d940 c5d2 13e0 c44f 0000 0000 3300
  000b8f0  c61c 7ed4 c00c 0100 0010 afbe d3ff fee5
I dumped the data received in the write callback (*ptr) and noticed
that this data is already faulty (i.e it's not a problem of i/o disk).
The software compiled for a i386 platform never yields this problem,
hence it is a problem on the platform side.
My question is, what tools would you recommend to me that I could use
to find the underlying problem ? I've seen there is a memory debug
utility that can be compiled in libcurl, but any more pieces of advice
are welcome.
Received on 2007-05-16