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RE: Memory leak with curl 7.15.3

From: Sudipto Podder \(GR/EIL\) <>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 15:15:32 +0530

My application is such that it sets up one handle using the
curl_easy_init call and continues to post messages using that handle. I
have not yet used curl_easy_cleanup()(since my application requirement
is to have one session, which polls constantly) and neither have I used
the recent version of curl.

Regarding memory growth, the growth is continuous.

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On Mon, 21 May 2007, Sudipto Podder (GR/EIL) wrote:

> I am using curl for the first time and have a small program (see
> below)

Consider the curl-library mailing list for libcurl usage. I'mn cc'ing my
reply to that list.

> which is posting some requests. When I run this program,I see that the

> memory size keeps growing on and on,but am unable to figure out what
> is causing this ?

Did you try with the most recent libcurl version?

It continues to grow all the time?

Is the memory not freed again when you call curl_easy_cleanup() ?

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