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R: curl for pocket pc (Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Editi on for Pocket PC Phone Edition)

From: Arrichiello Fulvio <>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 15:10:11 +0200

Thanks a lot Daniel.


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Da: Daniel Stenberg [ <> ]
Inviato: mercoledý 23 maggio 2007 12.46
A: libcurl development
Oggetto: Re: curl for pocket pc (Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second
Edition for Pocket PC Phone Edition)

On Wed, 23 May 2007, Arrichiello Fulvio wrote:

> I need to use curl library to send files from mobile to server via
http or
> https (see the subject). Could I use curl library ? And how ?

Here's the situation:

A large amount of people have recently (like within the last year)
managed to
edit the libcurl sources slightly to make it build on/for Windows CE

None of them have provided any patches, feedback or fixes back to the
to make it easier for the others who'd like something similar - like
While totally against the spirit of open source they're allowed to do

The only advice I have is that YOU do the necessary changes that is
for libcurl to build for wince and send the patches to us for inclusion
in the
main sources.

A few users have expressed a desire and intention of doing exactly this
in the
past, but we haven't seen any results from that yet.

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