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Re: Metalink downloader with libcurl

From: Anthony Bryan <>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 01:10:54 -0400

Metadl 1.0 has been released.

"Metadl is a downloading plugin for NSIS, with support for metalinks
(including mirrors, hashes and chunk checksums).


    * Protocols: HTTP, FTP.
    * Resuming downloads.
    * Metalinks: local or remote, multi-file metalinks, mirrors,
hashes (MD5, SHA-1), chunk checksums (SHA-1).
    * Automatic mirror selection.
    * Needs no user interaction at all.
    * Everything is possible to cancel.

The readme describes how you use the plugin. It works almost the same
as NSISdl, so it's easy to switch if you have used that plugin before.
The downloading is handled by libcurl, xml parsing (for the metalinks)
is handled by Expat and hashing is done by some code from XySSL.
Metadl is open source and licensed under GNU LGPL.

Unless you are interested in the code itself, you will only need the
binaries. I compile the plugin using MinGW (and a few libraries), but
note that I don't include any documentation on how to compile the
source code."

(( Anthony Bryan
  )) Metalink [ ]
Received on 2007-05-25