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Re: SCP/SFTP and persistency, bug #1823487

From: <>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 00:41:29 -0800 (PST)

On Sun, 11 Nov 2007, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> I also committed my work already, so if you update to current CVS you'll
> see
> how I ended up doing it - it even seems to work! ;-)


building it using CURL_LIBSSH2_DEBUG fails because

ssh.c still has this, starting at line 1878:

  if(ssh->user) {
    infof(data, "User: %s\n", ssh->user);
  if(ssh->passwd) {
    infof(data, "Password: %s\n", ssh->passwd);
#endif /* CURL_LIBSSH2_DEBUG */

And for the functional part of this matter:

it does indeed seem to work, but something is still getting
stuck when doing directory listings.
I'm running into the same situation as when i tried fixing this
just before my holiday, and i 'had to' give up.

Curl_retry_request() decides something went wrong and makes libcurl
retry: close and rebuild the connection. This seems to be happening
because, after the listing, it is not too happy with the bytes
received. Actually, the bytes never get counted.

I'm including a debug trace, though i doubt it's significance.

My 'free' time is really limited at the moment, i'm catching up
with all the happenings during my 5 weeks of China. So i really
can't help out in terms of development. But running any changes
against some tests should not be a problem.

kind regards


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