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automated filling of a website problem

From: Bernhard K. <>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 10:37:03 +0100


i have some problems using curl to fill into a webform:

i tried with
curl -F "clef=1" -F "prot=PDBFILE" -F "filename=/home/bknapp/workspace/peptX/pdbFiles/substitutionTests/HLA_A2/pMHC/backbones/pMHC_1b0g.pdb.backbone.pdb" -F "PDBid=" -F "seqFile=" -F "seqItself="

but the result is only


Empty PDB instance

if i use the website manually via the browser it works fine (same filename).
i read trough some posts in this mailing list and came over the solution to:

"save the HTML locally and change the method to GET and then submit the
     form using your browser. The address field of your browser will then
     contain the data you want to include in your -d data. "

i did that and my new command was :

curl -d "clef=1&prot=PDBFILE&filename=/home/bknapp/workspace/peptX/pdbFiles/substitutionTests/HLA_A2/pMHC/backbones/pMHC_1b0g.pdb.backbone.pdb&PDBid=&seqFile=&seqItself="

but this resulted in:


Content-type: text/html
 Possibly no data or incorrect data
    Please check the form fields.

can someone help me to somehow use the website with curl. i do not know what i am doing wrong ...


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Received on 2007-11-14