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Re: automated filling of a website problem

From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing <>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 10:53:55 +0100

Bernhard K. wrote:
> i have some problems using curl to fill into a webform:
> i tried with
> curl -F "clef=1" -F "prot=PDBFILE" -F "filename=/home/bknapp/workspace/peptX/pdbFiles/substitutionTests/HLA_A2/pMHC/backbones/pMHC_1b0g.pdb.backbone.pdb" -F "PDBid=" -F "seqFile=" -F "seqItself="

You should read this page:

Hint: add a @ in front of the filename:

curl -F "clef=1" -F "prot=PDBFILE" -F
-F "PDBid=" -F "seqFile=" -F "seqItself="

By the way, you should probably have asked on the curl-users mailing list.

Received on 2007-11-14