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RE: SFTP Question

From: James Dennett <>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 09:38:33 -0800

> I am trying to use curllib (17.7.1) and libssh2 (0.17) for
> WIN32 SFTP transfers. 
> I have already generated successful WIN32 FTPS transfers
> using these libs.
> When I try an SFTP transfer, curllib aborts with error 79
> (Error in SSH Layer).
> I feel pretty sure that this issue is related to the curllib
> options that I am using (or not using) for the SFTP transfer. 
> But, I cannot find an SFTP example in the curl web pages.

It may be an issue with your options, but our code using SFTP
would not work with libssh2 0.17, and I had to use a later
snapshot. It seems that some crucial work on libssh2 happened
shortly after the August release of version 0.17.

Snapshots are available from the website if you prefer that to
CVS access.

-- James
Received on 2007-11-14