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Re: compile libcurl dynamically with cross-compiler

From: Tiberiu Motoc <>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 09:58:41 -0800

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your replies.
I just found out that my cross compiled doesn't support shared
libraries. Well, that was time well spent...
It also seems that I don't know how to link statically in uClinux, so
I'm asking that question on the uClinux-dev newsgroup. It may also be
that libcurl is not compiled correctly as a static library the uClinux
way. I was looking at other static libraries in uClinux and they are
compiled using the "ar" utility. I'll see what the uClinux people say.

And I did try to compile 7.17.1, and unfortunately I don't know what
the arguments to the ./configure script should be. In 7.14.0 I was
using --host=arm-elf, but in 7.17.1, this fails with:
configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
I read some posts on the web (answered by you) and I tried all sorts
of combinations of host, target and build with no success. Same error
happens when I export CC and LD.

Received on 2007-11-20