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Re: compile libcurl dynamically with cross-compiler

From: Tiberiu Motoc <>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 23:53:57 -0800

Hi Dan,

libtool did work correctly and detected that the arm linker did not
support dynamic linking, however I though it was because of a bug in
the libcurl makefile.

I really need help on the second issue: I've been trying to compile
for more than 4 hours v7.17.1 and I just don't know what the arguments
should be. I did read the INSTALL file and numerous posts in the
Internet, and I still can't configure it.
In v7.14.0 all I have to do is give "--host=arm-elf" and everything
works. In v7.17.1, I tried all these combinations:
It always fails with the same error. I tried putting all the exports
into an sh file and still I have the same error.

Received on 2007-11-21