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[ANN] - curl-loader virtual scripting in SVN

From: Robert Iakobashvili <>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 10:41:50 +0200


Michael Moser has checked-in a new system for HTTP/FTP response body analyses,
which have WebLoad and JMeter tools.

Normally, body analyses in testing tools is done using JavaScript or
any other script,
which occupies a total thread, is blocking and is bad for performance.

Since curl-loader is about performance (written in C, using C-written
stacks of libcurl and openssl)
 Michael is developing a new scripting language, where the script will be:

- compiled to an object code,
- possessing its own VM, not occupying a whole thread;
- enjoying several entrance and exit points.

Y can see the major development of the "Virtual Script -VScript", yet
without integration to the
curl-loader configurationand practical usage and without support for
64-bit linux here:

or even better by importing the svn repository and looking at curl-loader/script

Your comments would be appreciated, but, please, keep Michael's e-mail
in the list.

curl-loader has been configured to receive donations via sourceforge, which
will be used to accelerate development and integration of VScript:

Have a nice CURL-ing.

Robert Iakobashvili,
coroberti %x40 gmail %x2e com
An open-source web testing and traffic generation.
Received on 2007-11-30