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Re: building libcurl using visual c++

From: David Rosenstrauch <>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 18:56:48 -0400

test test wrote:
> not sure if i'm maling this to the right email address cause this is the
> first time i joined a mailing list, if not, kindly please forward. thanks
> i need to build libcurl.dll, libcurl.lib, and any other additional files
> required by libcurl for this project i'm doing.
> i looked at and followed the
> steps, but everytime i build it i only get a curllib.lib and no other dll
> files
> any suggestion on how to do this?
> i currently have visual c++ 2008 express, but i also downloaded visual
> studio pro 2005 (trial) just in case i need that instead. my school also
> has vs pro 2005 and i tried it there but i also keep on getting only the
> curllib.lib
> thanks

I can help; I went through this recently.

Download the source zip (e.g.,, extract it, and then
open up the curllib.dsw workspace in the lib directory. You should be
able to build the library using that workspace. Worked for me on VC2003
and VC6. I did have to tweak some of the source code settings to get it
to work, but I thought that was because I needed to build an older
version (7.15.4). If you get stuck or it doesn't compile, feel free to
drop me an email offlist.

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