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Re: FW: scp upload failure memory leak

From: Jeff Weber <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 12:27:06 -0500

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 11:26:31PM +0200, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Jun 2008, Jeff Weber wrote:
>> curl 7.18.2 sftp upload with password authentication leaks. valgrind
>> output attached.
>> curl 7.18.2 sftp upload with publickey authentication leaks. valgrind
>> output attached.
>> To test these, I ran the curl command line tool from valgrind, and varied
>> the authentication methods. The valgrind output shows the command line
>> used.
> And you didn't abort them or anything? Just let them upload? I tried the
> following just now with regular password and it worked fine:

Just let them upload. I just toggle between curl-7.18.1 and curl-7.18.2 and I
get the different behaviors from

valgrind --tool=memcheck --num-callers=60 --leak-check=full --freelist-vol=5000000 --show-reachable=yes
curl -v --netrc-optional -T "{/etc/termcap,/etc/passwd}" sftp://myhost/~/tmp/

I noticed 1 key difference in the verbose output from the 2 outputs.
curl-7.18.1 verbose output ends with:

    Connection #0 to host myhost left intact

    * SSH DISCONNECT starts now
    * SFTP 0x4368f88 state change from SSH_STOP to SSH_SFTP_SHUTDOWN
    * SFTP 0x4368f88 state change from SSH_SFTP_SHUTDOWN to SSH_SESSION_DISCONNECT
    * SFTP 0x4368f88 state change from SSH_SESSION_DISCONNECT to SSH_SESSION_FREE
    * SFTP 0x4368f88 state change from SSH_SESSION_FREE to SSH_STOP
    * SSH DISCONNECT is done
    * Closing connection #0

However, curl-7.18.2 verbose output ends with only:

    Connection #0 to host myhost left intact

and only the curl-7.18.2 valgrind output has this memory leak:

==00:00:00:22.951 15088== 8,904 (6,602 direct, 2,302 indirect) bytes in 6
 are definitely lost in loss record 8 of 9
 ==00:00:00:22.952 15088== at 0x401B504: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:149)
 ==00:00:00:22.952 15088== by 0x404E753: curl_domalloc (memdebug.c:136)
 ==00:00:00:22.952 15088== by 0x405BAF0: libssh2_malloc (ssh.c:278)
 ==00:00:00:22.952 15088== by 0x4200847: libssh2_session_init_ex
 ==00:00:00:22.952 15088== by 0x405F841: ssh_connect (ssh.c:2052)
 ==00:00:00:22.952 15088== by 0x40409A6: Curl_protocol_connect (url.c:2803)
 ==00:00:00:22.952 15088== by 0x4042D11: SetupConnection (url.c:4289)
 ==00:00:00:22.952 15088== by 0x4042E53: Curl_connect (url.c:4363)
 ==00:00:00:22.952 15088== by 0x404CF75: connect_host (transfer.c:2291)
 ==00:00:00:22.952 15088== by 0x404D11B: Curl_perform (transfer.c:2372)
 ==00:00:00:22.953 15088== by 0x404DB34: curl_easy_perform (easy.c:520)
 ==00:00:00:22.953 15088== by 0x80515B8: operate (main.c:4692)
 ==00:00:00:22.953 15088== by 0x8051DF6: main (main.c:5000)

So, it appears my curl-7.18.2 test is not doing the appropriate orderly

My application built with libcurl behaves exactly like the the curl command
line tool.


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