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RE: State of things for release?

From: Tiago Conceição <>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 01:23:09 +0000

> Tiago Conceição wrote:
> > like i say before, im new on libcurl. What can i use for check that
> > i know its a easy thing but i dont know how to make it.
> and compare the information your header callback receives
> when the file exists, compared to when it does not exist.
> ( Or you can wait to see what Daniel finds when he gets
> time to look at the current behavior. )
> Also, if you are new to libcurl, i think you will find it is a lot easier
> to work out these problems with a simple command-line program
> written in standard C, instead of using a lot of C++ objects and
> functions that the rest of us might not have access to.
> - Jeff

actualy the objects i use not very hard to know what is/analize StrNew() is a str copy, StrFormat() its an sptrinf();
all the other code is normal and easy to understand (normal C)

a overwrite define for libcurl built in will easy very the things insted use extra code, it is not an application so i cant use callbacks to retrive data like that, i need a fast thing and all inside same function

Please consider CURLOPT_FTPOVERWRITE #define


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