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Re: Solaris 10 autobuild and aclocal memory exhausted

From: Tor Arntsen <>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 17:52:03 +0200

Hi Yang,

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 5:34 AM, Yang Tse <> wrote:
> If you could temporally downgrade GNU m4 1.4.10 down to 1.4.5 on the
> box running "Linux 2.6 x86-64 gcc 4.2.1" autobuild, this would give a
> theoretical similar scenario, that would at least give us a little bit
> more info to further pinpoint if that set of tool versions is the
> problem or if the problem only triggers on Solaris.
> Another idea Tor. Download m4 1.4.5 source code from
> and build and test it for
> yourself.

I'm going to do this a bit later, I've been too busy today. However
I've got some news:

- I have rebooted the computer in question and released some allocated
memory and swap in the process. This has made more memory available
for the system, and the installed gm4 is now able to go through
without running out of memory. It appears to be eating up about 100MB
each time it goes through. Before the reboot it would exhaust the
available memory a bit before it got to that point (according to
vmstat). (The system has 512MB RAM).

- Which means that the upcoming autobuilds should go through, at least
over the weekend.

- There was still apparently lots of swap space available even before
the reboot, that didn't seem to avoid the resource problem though -
Solaris may be behaving a bit funny in these cases I assume.

- When I do more testing later on the memory usage by installing a
self-built gm4 on the Solaris computer-

- This probably wouldn't have failed on the x86-64 machine you
mentioned, even if the generic gm4 1.4.5 is buggy, as that machine has
16GB RAM installed.. plus 16GB swap. :-)

Received on 2008-08-01